Free the musician in you

With dualo, compose, improvise, and learn music differently

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Reveal your musical instinct

The dualo du-touch S is an all-in-one and intuitive musical instrument, to compose in any style, wherever you are, and whatever your level.

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Harmony at your fingertips

The dualo principle is an ergonomic keyboard that makes the logic of harmony visible. And thanks to the lights under the keys, staying in tune and playing chords has never been easier!

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In your bubble or with your friends

Directly connected to headphones or a speaker, create without prior knowledge, alone or with others!

Discover the du-touch S

Learn by playing

A subtle alliance between teacher and game, the du-game is the perfect complement to familiarize yourself with the instrument, (re)discover musical styles and learn while having fun.

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With you throughout your journey

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A community of +2,500 players

Share your creations with creatives from all walks of life, access a file sharing platform, and get plenty of advice to progress!

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