Reveal the artist inside you

Play music, simply and everywhere!

Dualo, is a nomadic and intuitive instrument that allows you to express your creativity, and is like a game to learn whilst having fun. Beginner or advanced, no musical knowledge is required to get started, only your desire to play!

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Free your musical instinct

The dualo du-touch S is an intuitive, all-in-one instrument, containing everything you need to create with or without any prior knowledge.

In just a few minutes the du-touch S lets you create your own music, spontaneously and intuitively. Wherever you are, it will be your universe, your style, your creations!

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Play in your bubble or with your friends

Indoors or outdoors, directly connected to headphones or to a speaker, the dualo du-touch S will allow you to relax or to entertain your friends with your favorite musical style.

This time you will be the artist!

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Harmony at your fingertips

The dualo principle is a keyboard that makes visible all the logic of harmony (scales, chords), to make it easy to play and to learn.

Invented in 2007 and patented, the arrangement of the notes on the dualo keyboard is revolutionary in the world of music.

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Learn by playing

A subtle alliance between teacher and game, the du-game is the perfect complement to familarise yourself with the instrument, (re)discover musical styles and learn whilst having fun.

Accompanied by a vocal assistant, learn to replay pieces of music in typical styles to enrich your musical vocabulary!

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With you, all throughout your progress


Want to get (back) into music?
Create and progress serenely at your own pace.


Already musician?
Compose and improvise fluently, and consolidate your skills.


Accomplished artist, or artist in the making,
Integrate dualo into your creative environment, in the studio as well as live.

Teaching and therapy

Dualo is also used with a variety of audiences in the contexts of both teaching and music therapy.

They adopted it

I needed to accompany myself on the flute in all musical styles, whilst keeping a lot of spontaneity and without spending hours in front of a computer.

TilaïFlutist in music college

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I'm a train driver and I spend a lot of time waiting. Now my dualo is everywhere with me, and enables me to create music whenever I can.

CédricTrain driver

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Frustrated at having to always rely on others to accompany me on vocals, the dualo instantly bridged the gap. It allows me to create my instrumentals without having to learn music theory, by letting my ear and my imagination speak.

Red FoxSinger, slammer, host and actor

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Actor and director, I needed a sound box - a box to play music that was connected to my artistic instinct. I found it.

Quentin GouverneurComedian and director

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