dualo du-touch S

The intuitive, all-in-one instrument for playing anywhere

1. Choose a sound

Nearly 150 sounds provided in the memory so you can play all styles. Create and import your own sounds.

2. Play (in tune!)

Simply follow the lights (the scale) to sound in tune, and line up three keys vertically to make the chords

3. Record (in time!)

Overlay loops to create entire pieces of music in a flash! A quantiser enables you to make loops exactly in time.

4. Play at being the conductor of the orchestra

Direct your loops live to evolve your song, and improvise on top!

Reveal your musical instinct

The du-touch was specially designed after getting to know the needs and desires of thousands of musicians from all over France.

Built around 3 basic functions (sound choice, recording, and settings), the du-touch interface is designed to maximise creative efficiency, allowing anyone to compose a song in just a few seconds, with just a few gestures.

A complete instrument

Music button: the button to record and manage your loops and songs
3 tactile sliders: to adjust the volume and play with the effects
Choose a sound: hold the button to reveal the sound bank, then release the button to play it (there’s no loading time)
Screen: keep an eye on the information that only you need, your audience will see everything else
Settings : tempo, effects, brightness… quickly change the parameters
On/off button: a little click to start, or to finish…
Stereo minijack socket (3.5 mm): to connect to your headphones, your earbuds, a speaker (with auxiliary socket), or a mixer!
Attaching system: to attach the instrument to the du-belt, the accessory for playing standing up
Micro-USB socket: to recharge the instrument and manage its files in memory
Reset button
Backlit keyboard: velocity and aftertouch sensitive
2-axis gyroscope: pitch (forward / backward) and roll (left / right)
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Simplifies harmony

Invented in 2007 by a musician and mathematician, the dualo principle arranges notes that sound good together next to each other. In music, this corresponds to taking “one note out of two”. We thus find ourselves with two complementary keyboards, the chords falling under the fingers of each hand.

With the geometric keyboard harmony becomes logical; scales and chords become simple and invariable forms wherever you are on the keyboard.

The effect is vastly increased thanks to the backlit keyboard which illuminates the scales, making it possible to truly avoid false notes!

Get yourself a du-touch S

Also for older children

Whatever your profile, your musical level and your ambitions, the du-touch S will bring you unparalleled spontaneity of creation.

From the sofa to the stage

Connected to headphones, a portable speaker or even a stage sound system, the du-touch S is designed for personal use as well as live.

dualo du-game

Interactive songs to learn at the speed of light

1. Load the tutorials

Explore a map of musical styles (Hip-Hop, Techno, ...) as well as a Playlist of well-known songs, and choose from over 100 du-games to load into your du-touch S!

2. Listen and watch…

To understand how the music is constructed let yourself be guided by a vocal assistant in a succession of rhythmic and melodic patterns, directly displayed on the keyboard,

3.…then it’s your turn!

Then reproduce these patterns correctly to reassemble complete songs yourself, instrument by instrument!

4. Make your own way

Earn stars, get rewards for sounds and tracks, unlock new tutorials, and go up to the next level to challenge yourself!

Learn music by playing

Mobility at the service of pratice

There's no secret: the more we practice, the more we progress! This is why the du-touch S and the du-game have been designed to be able to be played anywhere and anytime, even more easily thanks to our range of accessories.