It is with great emotion that we finally present to you a first video on the Exquis app!

The integration of the different menus and button combinations between the keyboard and the application is almost complete, and the fluidity of creation that we wish to offer you has never been so exhilarating; it’s a real treat to be able to control everything from the keyboard!

Here is an overview of the current application with integration of graphic design on a computer. We still have a certain number of elements to integrate, such as the contextual help tooltip at the bottom right or even completing the navigation area with the mouse (on the left), before making final refinements.

The video is commented in French, there are English subtitles available :

After its release in November with the keyboard, the application will be subject to regular updates to add new features, such as the creation and management of scales, hexagonal note layouts and color profiles, identification of chords on the keyboard,… And certainly interesting features that YOU will suggest!

Lite/Full versions:

If you pre-ordered Exquis on Kickstarter, two versions of the application were offered to you: a “Lite” version (limited), and a “Full” version (complete).

During 2023 we wanted to grow the team in order to produce these two versions, release them on the different devices promised, and implement all the ideas we had for a summer release. To our great regret, we were unable to grow the team and we had to reduce our ambitions to deliver the best of our possibilities to you in the shortest possible time.

For the release of the keyboard in November, we focused on releasing a single version of the application, stable, beautiful and offering you the best possible experience. This version is relatively close to a “Full” version: an application that is not limited and whose few missing features (e.g.: customization of note layouts, colors, etc.) will soon be released in the form of updates. free minors in the following two or three months.

During 2024, the distinction between Lite version and Full version will be made: advanced features such as recording audio loops, routing, export or even editing functions will only be available in the Full version and some will be available. subject to major paid updates at a low price.

In short:

– If you pre-ordered a “Lite” version on Kickstarter or pre-ordered Exquis on our website: you will have access to all free minor updates.

– If you pre-ordered a “Full” version on Kickstarter, you will of course have access to free updates and we will offer you all major paid updates for the next two years.

Multiplatform versions

For the same reasons of a reduced team, concerning the variation of the application on the different platforms, we focused on a Desktop version (Windows & MacOS), because the offer of sound plugins (VST, VST3, AU) is much richer and optimal performance for easy composing is guaranteed by greater computing power compared to mobile platforms.

The good news is that we will finally be able to grow the team at the end of the year, allowing us to come back to you regarding the adaptation of the application to Linux, tablets and smartphones during 2024. If you are a development engineer software and passionate about music, don’t hesitate to write to us!