du-touch S

The all-in-one electronic music instrument

The du-touch S is a complete creation tool, designed around the dualo principle; arranging harmonious notes next to each other, its backlit keyboard allows you to play in tune with a minimum of effort.

Much more than a controller, the du-touch S is an instrument integrating a customizable sampler and a looper/sequencer, to compose and improvise easily. For beginners as well as the most experienced.

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Contents of the box

Technical specifications

Customizable synthesizer/sampler

  • Internal memory: 2 Gb
  • 147 sound locations: 247 factory sounds provided (including 140 loaded by default)
  • Library of community-created sounds
  • Integrated multi-effects: attack/release, reverb, distortion, chorus/flanger/phaser, portamento, chords, beat repeat / arpeggiator, expression/tremolo, filter/auto-filter, panning/auto-pan, pitch/vibrato, delay, equalizer (gain: low, mid-low, mid-high, high)
  • Setting the reference A
  • Memory of 4 editable presets that can be renamed by sound
  • Import your own sounds via the du-station software (supplied)

Smart looper/sequencer

  • Loops of multiple lengths from the first
  • Up to 18 loops per song, spread over 7 tracks (up to 2 or 3 loops per track), 8th current track
  • Up to 22 sequenceable states per song
  • 69-song/tutorial memory
  • Library of community-created songs
  • Editable parameters: tempo, scale, metronome, quantiser/swing, transpose

Backlit keyboard

  • 3 octaves (synthesizer up to 7 octaves) / 52 keys
  • Velocity and pressure sensitive (aftertouch)
  • Display of scales (major, minor, dorian, mixolydian, harmonic minor, oriental, major penta, minor penta, custom) and score on the keyboard
  • Note layouts: dualo, diatonic dualo, piano (Jankó), chromatic accordion (+/- 60°)


  • 3 touch sliders
  • 2-axis gyroscope (pitch & roll)
  • 3 capacitive touch buttons (choice of sound, settings, and looper)
  • Menus: three-color interface (green, orange, red) on the keyboard.

Mobile and practical

  • Autonomous: no need for a computer to play
  • Audio output: mini-jack 3.5 mm
  • 8h autonomy (Li-ion battery), recharges in 3h
  • 19 x 21 x 5 cm
  • 0.6 kg

MIDI USB/Bluetooth compatible

  • Can be used as a controller on softwares (Ableton Live, Reason, etc.)
  • Export loops in .mid format

du-station software (provided)

  • Regular updates of the instrument (new features, fixes)
  • Access the du-game, interactive tutorials to load into the du-touch S
  • Management of files in memory in the instrument
  • Create your own sounds with .wav samples (44100 Hz, 16 bits): harmonic range, velocity layers, ADSR…
  • Share your sounds and songs with the community
  • Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10 (32/64 bits) / macOS from v10.10 (OS X Yosemite) / Debian Linux from Debian 7 (Wheezy-backports), Ubuntu 14.04 (The Trusty Tahr) / Red Hat Linux from Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow)

Differences between du-touch (Pro) and du-touch S

du-touch (Pro)

Permanently out of stock
Limited support

du-touch S

In stock
Support guaranteed

Comparatif complet

Release date



Double-keyboard (in dualo layout)

5 octaves,
substitutable keyboards: each keyboard is fully chromatic

3 octaves,
complementary keyboards: each keyboard is partially chromatic

Internal memory

256 Mo

2 Go

Sound slots


147 (59 x 3 pages)

Song slots


69 (23 x 3 pages)

du-game compatibility



Touch sliders

1 central + 2 lateral

3 central


jack 6.35mm + minijack 3.5mm

minijack 3.5mm