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Play and Compose
with the Exquis Application

To fully exploit the potential of the Exquis keyboard, compose with its dedicated application! Use our selection of sounds, then add your own plugins and create your own presets from the application.


Use with other DAWs, MIDI synthesizers, modular synthesizers

Use the Exquis keyboard as a controller with any composition software, MIDI synthesizer, or modular synthesizer.


  Exquis Application

1. Download the application and sound plugins

To use the full potential of the Exquis keyboard, compose with our application! Our application allows the use of sound plugins in VST/VST3/AU format; we offer two plugins, Surge XT and Decent Sampler, for which we provide a selection of presets. You can also use your own plugins and create your own presets from the application.

Exquis Application (V1.0.1)

Download Exquis Application (MacOS)

From MacOS Catalina 10.11

Download Exquis Application (Windows)

From Windows 7, 64 bits


Sound Plugins

Necessary for using the factory sounds offered in the Exquis application

Download Speedrum Lite

MacOS / Windows / Linux

Download Surge XT

MacOS / Windows / Linux

(optional) Download the Surge XT presets to play without the Exquis app

To store in Documents > Surge XT > Patches to choose the presets from the Surge XT Patch Browser

Don’t forget to regularly update the keyboard, the application, and your sound plugins!

Expand your sound library at will: the Internet is full of numerous free and paid VST/VST3/AU plugins, which you can discuss with community members!

2. Video Tutorial

Video tutorial


V1.1.0 firmware update

Do you already have the correct version? If the buttons light up like this when the keyboard is powered (and not connected to the app), you already have the correct version and don’t need to update.

Download the updater (macOS)

From macOS Big Sur 11.0
Open the .app file via a right click > Open (twice)

Download the updater (Windows)

From Windows 7, 64 bits

PDF user guide (V1.1.0)

Download the PDF User Guide

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