Many of you have pre-ordered Exquis, and we thank you again warmly for your support and patience.

As you know, the delivery date initially scheduled for this summer was notably shaken up by a few design changes at the start of the year, which unfortunately caused us to be a few weeks late.

But today, the setting up of production is sufficiently advanced to allow us to announce a more precise schedule, which we detail in this news.

August: last prototypes

About electronics, in recent weeks we have had around ten final cards produced, which we have all tested for several days and which are perfectly functional. Everything is therefore ready to launch production on a larger scale.

Regarding the mechanical parts, next week we will receive appearance prototypes with 3D printed casings that will validate the final adjustments.

Then, the first plastic injection casings, called industrial pre-series, will arrive in mid-September. They will make it possible to validate the industrial process just before launching large-scale production.

For the materials and colors of the Deluxe version, we were able to evaluate your preferences thanks to the form submitted in the last news. As a reminder, this form simply helped us to estimate the quantities of baguettes to be produced. The trends in your responses to the form are generally oriented towards dark woods (ebony, dark oak), natural, red and black anodized aluminum, and cork; we are still working on the best distribution of colors to satisfy as many people as possible.

We have received the first samples in all three materials, and we are satisfied with their quality. We will mount them on the aspect prototypes that we will receive next week to show you pictures.

September: pre-series and start of production

In mid-September, we will therefore receive the first final casings and the electronic boards from the factory, to assemble and check the first final products.

If you have pre-ordered a Deluxe version, this is when we will offer you the final choice of personalization, with supporting photos. If you want to upgrade to a Deluxe version, you can do so via this link.

It is also from mid-September that we will ask you to enter/confirm your delivery address and pay the shipping costs if you pre-ordered on Kickstarter. For pre-orders and upgrades made on dualo.com, a simple delivery address confirmation email will be sent to you.

November: start of deliveries

Once the September pre-series is definitively validated, we will launch mass production, which requires 6 to 8 weeks, bringing the release and shipment of the first units in early November (pre-orders on Kickstarter) and the last units (pre-orders on dualo .com) at the end of November.

Over the past few months, many electronic and mechanical iterations have been completed, so we are very confident about this schedule. If it changes, we will keep you informed.

We are very happy to share this adventure with you at each of its most important stages, and we look forward to bringing you Exquis. We again thank you very much for your support.

See you soon for other news!