In the previous newsletter, we announced that the Pure version would finally be equipped with a complete case, in accordance with the required standards and certifications, and we unveiled the first 3D images of this version.

Today, in this long newsletter, we are going to share with you the progress made on the design part since our Kickstarter campaign, and unveil the Deluxe version.

Evolution of the design of the Pure and Deluxe versions

As a reminder, our initial objective with the Pure and Deluxe versions was to meet several specific needs.

With the Pure version, we wanted to offer a version that is:
– refined, providing only the essential elements to play,
– as accessible as possible, to suit small budgets,
– a solid base for creativity (Do It Yourself),
– allowing an upgrade to the Deluxe version without wasting parts to reduce our environmental impact.

As for the Deluxe version, our goal was to offer a version that is:
– “standard”,
– customizable, thanks to a range of coverings made of different recyclable materials and colours.
– can be dismantled, thus making it possible to change the coverings according to one’s desires and needs.

However, during our design process, we encountered some challenges that led us to revise our approach.

First of all, the realization of the grid proved to be complex, in particular with the new number of keys and therefore the enlargement of the keyboard. The grid is the piece that surrounds the keys; it guarantees the good stability of the silicone keys and therefore the reproducibility of a gesture (same gesture or intention = same sound). We had to accept that this part would have to be made in plastic, as is the case with the 3Ds presented in the Kickstarter.

First design of the Deluxe version, presented for the Kickstarter campaign

Then, when we encountered sensitivity problems with the slider (see previous newsletters), we had to resolve to also simplify the possibilities of casing around the slider.

These two constraints led us to a first obvious fact: the Deluxe version as we had imagined it could not respect our desire to limit our environmental impact. Indeed, on the upper part of the Deluxe version, this would imply to take a plate, like metal for example, and remove 80% of its surface, which represents a considerable waste of material, even with the possibility of recycling it.

At the same time, as we explained to you, because of the pre-studies on the standards, we understood that it would be impossible to make the Pure version without a case.

By putting all these constraints together, another obvious thing emerged: wanting to keep the two versions as we had imagined them would mean increasing the cost of each version, increasing their environmental impact, and having to make aesthetic compromises that would impact both versions negatively.

After careful consideration, we made a courageous decision: the Pure version should evolve to become the “basic” version, taking care to control its cost, using a single material in order to reduce our impact on the environment, while seeking to give it an aesthetic to match the emotions it arouses by playing on it.


Do It Yourself

For the Do It Yourself side, our commitment remains the same, we will provide 3D files so that you can make your own hacks around the Exquis.

Moreover, as an introduction before revealing the Deluxe version, here is one of the files that we will provide:

Do you recognize what this piece would be used for? 😉

And here is the Deluxe version!

After these long months of study and reflection, the Deluxe version has therefore become a “special” version for us, because it will be assembled by hand and produced in a very small series especially for the Kickstarter.

On the one hand, we have therefore worked to ensure that it is in line with our desire to have a minimal environmental impact, while respecting reasonable cost constraints. And on the other hand, we wanted to make Exquis Deluxe unique objects, which you can customize so that they look like you.

The main element of the Deluxe version will be the addition of two pieces on the sides, machined one by one.

First, here are the materials that we have validated with our partners: aluminium, wood and cork. The cork will necessarily be natural and for aluminum and wood, we can offer you several choices of finish, color and essence.

Aluminum: natural (grey) or anodised (gold, blue, green, red, black)

Wood : differents essences and varnishes


We can’t wait to receive the prototypes of all these variations!

We are still working on evaluating the possibility of painting the cases of Exquis.

If you pre-ordered the Deluxe version, next week we will send you a new newsletter with a questionnaire to collect your preferences, so that we can now know your expectations and size the next steps. You can still change your wish later.

If you pre-ordered a Pure version and want to upgrade to the Deluxe version to choose your personalization, you can contact us at any time.