In the last news, we announced that we had decided to change the number of keys on the Exquis keyboard, to facilitate viewing and playing comfort in all scales.

In the past two months, we have therefore designed and received a new electronic board that implements this new key configuration and all the latest modifications and optimizations necessary to be able to go into production. After two days of testing, the card works perfectly and has therefore just been validated as the final industrial version. In other words, the electronic part is now complete!

Our engineers are working on this new board this week to add all the new features and make it a functional keyboard for internal use. After a new series of tests in game situations, the next step will be to launch a pre-series of around twenty additional cards. These cards will then be tested again in game situations and we will finally be able to launch the first production. We are still on schedule for a production this summer as we have already pre-purchased and received the processors, which are the most difficult components to source.

At the same time, we are working on the finalization of the mechanical part, more precisely the casing of Exquis. Several aspects have been impacted by changing the number of keys on the keyboard. We are also continuing to make progress on the various service provider offers for the casing and its customization possibilities.

As a result, we still need some time before we can show you the choice of customization options that will be possible for those who pre-ordered the Deluxe version. We will obviously continue to keep you informed of the progress of this subject soon.