Dear community,

We’ve been thinking about this for several months, without ever having really found the time to get started…until today!

It’s always been important to us to be as close as possible to you who follow the project. Because it’s through you that we draw the energy and the motivation to continue such a crazy adventure as that of wanting to bring a new musical instrument to life.

And then two weeks ago (from July 7-10, 2022), after a spontaneous call for volunteers, we went with 6 members of the community to the Les Ardentes festival, Liège, to introduce the dualo du-touch S. It was intense, 7 hours a day with the heat and dust, but above all it was a great moment of sharing. Many thanks to them!

And that convinced us of the importance of showing you behind the scenes of the project, of sharing with you our vision, our thoughts and our doubts, so that you can respond and so that our exchanges can enrich us all.

So there you have it, like a kind of summer soap opera, welcome to the Intuitive Instruments team! In these weekly pages that we will publish every Friday, we’ll talk about the past, the present and the future of the project, and we sincerely hope that you will feel even closer to it.